5 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces to Update Your Summer Look

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5 pieces to update your favorite summer outfitsWe’re a week into August, the last month of summer. I know, I’m sad, too. On top of lamenting the end of pool, beach and general outside fun season, you might also be feeling like your summer wardrobe is getting a little tired. But with Fall fashions rolling out it’s not like you want to go buy a bunch of new sundresses. This is where accessories come in. Investing in a few new pieces can update your attire without the cost of new clothing. Plus, jewelry can be worn season after season.

All the pieces I’m about to show you come from InspiredSilver.com. I found out about this site when the owners contacted me; however, I decided to write about it because I was impressed with the jewelry selection and price points. The pieces I’m about to show you are genuine great deals. That said, you can also look for the styles at boutiques near you. These are all popular jewelry that you can easily find and add to your summer looks.

So, without further ado, 5 must-have jewelry pieces to update your summer look.

1. A Bib Necklace


A bib necklace can dress up a plain T-Shirt or sundress
Sparkling bib necklace
, $24.95, from InspiredSilver.com


The thing about a necklace like this one is it takes all the attention off of your actual outfit. You can pair it with a plain shift dress, a simple T-shirt, a strapless dress, it doesn’t really matter, and the necklace takes center stage. It’s perfect for lazy days when you don’t want to think about your outfit but want to look put together.

2. Crawler Earrings

Crawler earrings are a summer must-have
Cubic zirconia ear crawlers
, $24.95 from inspiredsilver.com

Sometimes when it’s really hot outside super dangly earrings just seem too annoying, but you still want some style on your ears. Crawler earrings are designed so the post goes at the bottom and the design “crawls” up your ear, allowing you to showcase some style without added weight. I love this diamond style.

3. A Layered Necklace

Why spend time layering necklaces when you can get one that's already done?
Turquoise tribal triple chain necklace
, $14.48 from inspiredsilver.com

Layered necklaces are everywhere this year. Why waste time choosing several necklaces and figuring out which lengths pair correctly when you can get one like this that’s ready to go for under $15? The long styling would be perfect with a swingy tunic top and skinny jeans or a maxi dress.

4. Tassel Earrings

These tassel earrings take a different spin on the trend you've been seeing everywhere this year.
Golden tassel earrings
, $22.95, from inspiredsilver.com

No one can deny tassels have been everywhere this season. But I have to admit, I’m just a tad over the brightly colored, embroidery floss versions you see on earrings everywhere. This version is much classier and the long length is super sexy with a timeless appeal you’ll be able to wear long after summer’s bright colors are gone.

5. A Sparkly Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is always a good choice
Lily’s Masterpiece Cushion Cut CZ Cocktail Ring
, $32.95, from inspiredsilver.com

Okay, I always think a big sparkly cocktail ring is a good idea, but they’ve been particularly popular this season. Wear this one out in the evening with any summer sundress to get tons of compliments on the stone and setting. And, with the beautiful champagne tone, keep wearing it into Fall and Winter.

Want more jewelry inspiration? Check out Inspired Silver’s Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

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