5 Travel Candles To Add To Your Suitcase

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I never really understood the purpose of a travel candle. I mean really, who has time to light a candle on vacation? If I’m going to sit around a candle and meditate or something while away from home, it better be accompanied by a massage and a facial at a luxury spa.

Enter my most recent trip to Portugal. When we checked into our picturesque villa, the property manager suggested we not drink the water because of the “mineral content.” As it turned out, the “minerals” in the water smelled awfully similar to sulfur. And, a house with multiple bathrooms built to accommodate many guests smelled a little funky, particularly on rainy days.


Marco Style finds the best travel candles to make your room smell amazing on your next trip.
Sometimes a travel candle does make all the difference.

On one of our first days in town, one of the ladies on my trip purchased a candle at a boutique. She lit it and moved it throughout the house to freshen up the scent. Suddenly the travel candle made sense. I immediately added one to my packing list for all future vacations. Not only can it help with not-so-pleasant scents, but it can also add a pleasant, mood-enhancing or homey scent when you’re away.

I scoured the internet for must-have travel candles that will add the right scent to your trip without taking up too much space.

5 Travel Candles To Add To Your Suitcase

Luxury Candle: Henri Bendel Champagne Travel Candle ($15)

a champagne scented travel candle is the ultimate in luxury


It doesn’t matter if your trip is for work or pleasure, you can make it a celebration with this little candle. Scents of sparkling grapefruit, juicy pineapple, sugared musk are contained in a perfect little tin that should tuck right into your cosmetic bag. Not a fan of bubbles? The Henri Bendel Cashmere Travel Candle is another luxurious option.


Pretty Packaging: Madewell Mini Metal Tumbler Candle ($14)


The Madewell mini tumber candle is hand-poured and comes in four fragrant scents.


These hand-poured soy wax candles come in a different colored tin for each fragrance. Mountain Sage recalls a pine forest. Wild Currant is for berry lovers. Aloe blossom combines floral notes with ocean breezes. And, fig leaf smells fruity and clean.


Energizing: Brooklyn Candle Studio Japanese Citrus Gold Travel Candle ($14)


Brooklyn Candle Studio Japanese Citrus Gold Travel Candle has an exotic, energizing citrus scent.


This handmade soy candle combines notes of satsuma, yuzu, and bergamot with a hint of jasmine. The scent is citrusy, but also exotic and energizing.  The candles may be made in Brooklyn, but Brooklyn Candle Studio founder Tamara Mayne grew up in Virginia and graduated from University of Virginia. That means you can feel good about supporting local roots when buying these pretty products.


Masculine: Flame Noir Candle Co., Caheunga 615, Philip Marlowe ($9.50)


The Philip Marlowe candle smells like a mysterious blend of rich Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco and the masculine scents of a noir-era barbershop

Flame Noir Candle Co. soy candles are handmade in Richmond, Va., and inspired by classic detectives. This Caheunga 615, Philip Marlow candle combines notes of Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco, exotic resins, spices, and aftershaves, for a masculine scent that will appeal to men and women alike.


Not a Candle: Travel Diffuser Aromatherapy Kit ($30)

The travel aromatherapy diffuser set plugs in with a USB so you can use it anywhere.

This small fan diffuser is powered by a USB so you can plug it into a wall outlet or laptop, making it easy to use anywhere. It comes in a handy little case with lavender, lemongrass and peppermint oils to add flame-free fragrance anywhere you go!


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