9 Must-Have Travel Products for Jet-Setters

I just did a quick count. I’ve spent over a month in hotels and AirBnBs this year. And that’s just what I could remember with my questionable calendar keeping. When you’re on the go this often, it’s important to find the right travel products. Packing needs to be quick and easy and your hotel routine needs to be streamlined. These are some of my must-haves for frequent travel.

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1. Combination Curling Iron/Flat Iron


This VAV 2 in 1 Straightening and Curling Flat Iron actually works as a curling iron and a flat iron. I had purchased a similar hair tool before, but the flat iron never quite shut properly. It is dual voltage so you can use it in the United States or during international travels. The temperature goes up to 425 degrees and auto shut-off ensures you won’t burn your hotel down if you leave in a hurry. And did I mention it only costs $30? The only downside is that the curling iron is fairly large. It works perfectly for creating volume and beach waves, but you might need something different for precise ringlets.

2. Travel Hair Dryer that Actually Works


When you are staying at an AirBnB with a group of women, and your blow dryer is getting requested over the full-size dryers in the bathrooms, you know you’ve made the right choice. The Berta 1875W Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Negative Ionic Travel Folding Blow Dryer is again dual voltage so you can use it in any country (with a plug adapter) and packs plenty of power to dry hair fast on the go. I don’t necessarily bring it for hotel visits, but I always throw it in for AirBnB stays or girls’ trips where more than one person might want to get ready at once.

3. Travel Jewelry Bag that Holds All Your Jewelry

The best travel jewelry bag for holding lots of jewelryThe best bag for holding lots of jewelry when you travel


I spent forever trying to find a travel jewelry bag that would actually hold all the different pieces I like to bring on trips. This Teamoy Travel Jewelry Organizer Case comes in two sizes. If you like to pack a lot like me, go for the medium. A spacious open pocket in the bottom can hold large bangles or other over-sized pieces. There are pockets on the top for smaller earrings and plenty of snap areas for organizing necklaces.


4. Charger Bag

Make a charger bag to ensure you always have the cords you need on the go.


You have to assemble this yourself, but if you travel frequently, it’s easy and so worth it. Start with a pouch or cosmetic bag.

Fill it with a cord for every one of your devices. Also I include a USB Charging Port for locations where plug space is limited. Every time I pull out my little kit everyone looks at me like I’m so organized!

5. Multi-country Adapter/USB Port

If you travel internationally, make sure to also pop a multi-country Power Plug Adapter w/4 USB Ports in your little pouch of plugs and chargers. I snagged this one on Amazon and it has made the trek to multiple countries, hotels and AirBnBs.

6. Prepped Travel Cosmetic Bag

I actually keep two of these. One for short trips and one for long trips. I know it may seem like a lot of work and extra product purchasing, but if you travel frequently it saves you so much time. The smaller bag is ready to go for one-to-three night trips so I generally keep it stocked with small freebies I receive from stores. Bonus, trips become more fun because I get to try new products! This is what I keep in the larger one. 


7. Expandable Travel Bag

Ever since I snagged this Stella & Dot 3-in-1 Getaway Bag it has become my go-to. On short trips I use it as my travel bag and on longer trips I use it as my carry on. Don’t have too much to carry? Use it in the smaller size. Oh wait? You found a good sale at the Bloomingdales Outlet? (As may or may not have happened to me recently in Philadelphia on a work trip.). Zip open the extra layer and your bag just got bigger!

Expandable Stella & Dot Getaway Bag

Expandable Stella & Dot Getaway Bag with hidden section


8. Presentable Robe

I don’t care if you’re staying with friends or a significant other, but trying to do hair or makeup in a towel is never fun. As a result, I almost always throw in a lightweight robe. It’s compact and easy to pack, but makes it so much simpler to get ready when there is more than one person in the house. Choose something pretty because why not?

9. Hair and Face Towels

Of course, the place you stay will have towels. But if you have hair that requires styling, a special Turbie Twist (2 Pack) that removes moisture is small and useful.

Similarly, a Makeup Remover Cloth can help to ensure you actually remove makeup, particularly after a long day of travel or long night exploring the local scene.


What are your travel essentials? Share them in the comments!


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