A Quick Trip to Savannah


Savannah, Georgia, at night
Savannah near the river at night.

Having a boyfriend who works in wine has its perks. On our first date he presented me with a bottle of Nero d’Avola. Gents, let me tell you, if your date is anything like me a bottle of vino trumps a bouquet of flowers any (and every) day. More recently, a mini “wine emergency” meant he had to make a last-minute trip to Savannah, Ga., so I decided to jump in the car for a ride and we made a weekend of it. We certainly didn’t get to hit every highlight in this beautiful city, but I think we made a pretty good go of it, especially since the last-minute visit meant I didn’t have much time for crazy pre-planning.

We arrived in town late on Friday and started our visit with a ghost tour. Rather than traditional history tours, ghost tours are generally my favorite way to get the lay of a city’s historic area and to pick up some of the key topics in a city’s past all with a little spook thrown in. This particular tour led us through the beautiful, historic architecture and pointed out a few landmarks.

After the tour we made a quick stop by a famous dive bar, then turned in for a full day of adventuring on Saturday. This was the day when we really canvassed the city. I woke up early and wandered over to the Savannah Visitor’s Center, which proved to be a treasure trove for ideas. After some serious scouring, we made an itinerary with tons of stops. We wandered through chocolate shops, boutiques, restaurants and, of course, the famous/infamous Mercer House.


Rather than force you to read every detail, I’ve separated my adventures out into a few posts. Check out the full Guide to Savannah and let me know what spots I need to hit during the next wine emergency!

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