Bitter Ballen from Max’s on Broad

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw Bitter Ballen on the menu at Max’s on Broad, I wondered if it was some new slang dating rejection term I didn’t know yet because I am old. Upon a little research, however, I learned that bitterballen (one word) is actually a bar snack in Holland. Little bits of meaty gravy are fried to perfection and served with savory mustard. Salty and savory, they are designed to be served with alcohol. Of course, they are best popped into your mouth when piping hot.

Bitterballen are little balls of heaven from Max's on Broad in Richmond, VA


Bitter Ballen from Max’s on Broad

The description of the Bitter Ballen on the menu at Max’s on Broad was intriguing. Crispy bite-sized duck fritters in honey mustard. What’s not to like there? Particularly after a few drinks on the roof at Quirk Hotel, these sounded like a perfect way to start my meal. And, at $6, they are an affordable little appetizer.

The Bitter Ballen dish consists of three perfectly crunchy on the outside, but tender on the inside fried little balls of duck confit. The duck is tender, perfectly seasoned, and practically melts in your mouth when hot from the fryer. The crunchy coating adds a nice layer of texture without overpowering the flavor of the duck. And, the balanced honey mustard sauce pulls it all together for a satisfying snack. My table almost got a second order because they were so flavorful and easy to eat.

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A good time to try this addicting little snack might be during happy hour or on Monday when bottles of wine not on the reserve list are half off. Looking for more specials? Don’t forget to view my list of dining and drinking specials in Richmond, VA or my list of Richmond Wine Specials.

  1. I feel lucky to have been sitting at the table with you when we tried these tasty little bites of heaven. I will admit, I don’t think would have ordered them on my own, but I can promise you I will be looking for them next time I am at Max’s. Everyone should give these tasty little balls a try!

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