Buffalo Shrimp from Croaker’s Spot

The buffalo shrimp from Croaker's Spot in Richmond, Virginia, is lightly breaded and coated with an amazing homemade sauce.


When you mention Croaker’s Spot, everyone immediately says you have to eat the famous Eggleston’s Fish Boat. And don’t get me wrong—on a recent visit I was quite impressed with the quality, flavor and texture of the freshly fried fish that wasn’t greasy or heavy in the least, making it all too easy to clean my plate.

But I want to talk about another Croaker’s Spot menu gem, the Buffalo Shrimp. These shrimp are butterflied and very, very delicately fried. No heavy batter—just a kiss of breading that adds a delicate crunch and vehicle for that special sauce. And you won’t be getting any bottled buffalo sauce at Croaker’s Spot, the tangy, spicy combination is whipped up from scratch. There’s just the right kick and just the right tang to make it utterly addicting. The Buffalo Shrimp is available as an appetizer (5 shrimp for $9.99), over a house salad ($16.99), or solo on the “A Whole Lotta” portion of the menu. You can also get the appetizer portion during happy hour at the bar for $5 from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Don’t forget to view my list of RVA’s best dining and drinking deals to get the scoop on more happy hours in Richmond, Virginia.

My suggestion? Arrive in time to grab that Buffalo Shrimp appetizer during happy hour, follow it up with the two-piece Eggleston’s Fried Fish Boat (peppers and onions on the side), and don’t forget to take a slice of cake home for dessert.

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