Chocolat by Adam Turoni in Savannah

Everything in this shop tastes as beautiful as it looks. As you approach Chocolat by Adam Turoni, the elegant, scripty font and big, bright windows—often filled with an employee crafting drool-worthy pastries that make it pretty much impossible to just pass by—tells you this isn’t your basic chocolate store. The front window at Chocolat by Adam Turoni

Step inside and you’ll immediately know you made the right decision. While most chocolate shops feature a bunch of pre-boxed chocolates and a counter where you have to wait for service, Chocolat lets you wander and explore yourself. A host of glass cases are filled with carefully laid out and displayed chocolates. You grab a little wooden tray, a set of tongs and wander, grabbing the pieces that catch your eye as you go.

My picks are as follows:

Habanero Caramel Truffle: Creamy habanero-spiced caramel encased in a dark chocolate dome, topped with cypress sea salt flakes is rich, flavorful and balanced with a tiny kick on the finish.Chocolat by Adam Turoni in Savannah, Georgia

Dark Chocolate Silk Filled Bullets: Not only are these eye-catching, they really show off the quality of the chocolate with a 72% dark chocolate silk center that’s infused with Madagascar vanilla bean and coconut oil, then finished with a silver luster dust.

Café Americano: Coffee-flavored chocolates usually aren’t my favorite, but apparently I’m on board when they are done right. Here a 72% dark chocolate truffle is infused with local Brazilian blend PERC coffee and Kahlua. I liked this one because there was the right amount of coffee—enough to taste but not to overpower the chocolate.

IMG_1693Mexican Mayan Truffle: Milk chocolate mousse infused with cinnamon and habanero peppers, then finished with a chocolate dust and 24k gold leaf was rich, flavorful and unique—exactly the way Mexican-style chocolate should taste.

Hazelnut Dominos: I think these were my number one pick. Freshly roasted hazelnuts are pureed and mixed with dark chocolate, crunchy crepes and crushed hazelnut pieces, then topped with 24k gold. These have all the rich flavors of Nutella with a super satisfying crunch. Plus, a little gold topping never hurt anyone.

Chocolat by Adam Turoni made with Savannah Bee Company HoneyA quick look at Adam Turoni’s bio tells you why the chocolate is so delicious: he started working in a kitchen at 14 and interned at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse for 6 months and founded his business at the age of 20!

Can’t wait to try these babies til you get to Savannah? I just found out there is an online store. Uh oh.



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