Christmas Tree Roll at Mai Sushi

One of my favorite sushi picks is the Christmas Tree Roll at Mai Sushi in Richmond, VA


I almost hate to divulge this little secret, but Mai Sushi is one of my favorite hidden-gem sushi spots. The fish always tastes fresh, the menu is inventive with a regularly rotating selection of specials, the prices seem to be a few bucks lower than your typical sushi joints. Not to mention, because it’s tucked in the back of a strip mall, it’s rarely too crowded.

If you’re a fan of spicy tuna, I highly recommend trying the Christmas Tree Roll ($10.95) and this is the right time of year for it! A California Roll base is topped with a different type of spicy tuna—the blend on this roll is different than your typical spicy tuna. It has less (maybe none?) of your typical Kewpie Mayo and more Sriracha, making for a more spice and flavor complexity. In addition, the base roll is formed in a circle and the tuna is chopped in a chunkier fashion and piled on top of the base roll, then that is topped with a smaller dollop of seaweed salad, making for a shape that resembles a Christmas tree.


This Christmas Tree Roll from Mai Sushi in Richmond is delicious.

Alongside being visually appealing, the roll is particularly flavorful because of the way the extra spicy tuna combines with the crunch from the seaweed salad and milder flavor from the base roll. In addition, I just realized you can order takeout from Mai Sushi online, making it a convenient grab-and-go option as well!

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