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I have been ordering meals from Eat Smart off and on since Abbie Toner launched the business in 2014. Of course, I love dining out and cooking, but sometimes I need fast, easy, healthy meals. Cooking for one means lots of leftovers. And then frozen or instant meals are often loaded with sodium and preservatives. When I met Abbie, I began adding her meals into my rotation for pre-portioned lunches or dinners that make it easy to eat something different every day.

Eat Smart Collab

As a longstanding customer, you can imagine how excited I was when Abbie recently contacted me wanting to collaborate! She was looking to freshen up her spring menu and partner with an influencer to design some new dishes. Well, if there is anything I’m good at, it’s eating and giving opinions. I was in. (Plus, read to the bottom for a special discount!).

Marco Style + Eat Smart Now


Over the past few weeks, Abbie and I emailed ideas back and forth and she dropped several rounds of experiments off at my apartment for tastes and feedback. This week she’s launching three new dishes and combining them with some of my other favorite dishes from my years of sampling her recipes. Check out the menu.


Week of April 26 Eat Smart Menu

New! Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Pesto Pasta Eat Smart Richmond


Fresh pesto captures the flavors of spring. Decadent chunks of mozzarella blend with vibrant sundried tomatoes, crisp asparagus, zippy pesto and al dente penne for a super satisfying meal. To finish, it’s topped with grilled chicken for a nice dose of protein.


New! Greek Grain Bowl

Greek Grain Bowl Eat Smart Richmond


Hearty farro is topped with cucumber, tomato, feta, chickpeas, Kalamata olives, red onion and pepperoncinis. A side of oregano vinaigrette packs in all the zingy Greek flavors you know and love. This dish is flavorful, satisfying and packed with heart healthy ingredients.


New! Lemongrass Chicken & Coconut Rice

Lemongrass Chicken Eat Smart Richmond


The marinade and sauce is the star of this dish. A savory, tangy blend of lemongrass, red curry paste, Asian sweet chili sauce, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce and brown sugar is the perfect way to dress up chicken. Along with the protein, you get impressively flavorful coconut rice alongside and a side of veggies. There is also a tofu option available.


Ham & Cheddar Frittata

Ham and Cheddar Frittata Eat Smart Richmond


Any time Abbie puts a frittata on the menu I order more than one. It makes a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner and is so simple and satisfying. This week’s ham & cheddar is hearty and protein packed. Plus, it comes with just the right size side of potatoes to give a little carb fix.


Turkey Meatballs Over Zoodles

Turkey Meatballs Eat Smart Richmond


When I’m eating light, I often try to minimize carbs so I love that this dish features zucchini noodles. Atop the veggie spirals sit turkey meatballs, one of Abbie’s classic customer-favorite recipes, and house-made marinara. I’m picky about my pasta sauces and Abbie’s always hits the spot. What a perfect heat-and-eat meal.


Quinoa & Oven Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Veggies Quinoa Eat Smart Richmond


A healthy combination of quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and zucchini comes with chicken or tofu and a mustard vinaigrette dressing. You get a dose of veggies without having to buy and cook all the ingredients.

For the next few weeks, Abbie will be featuring more Marco Style favorite dishes on her menu, so make sure to check out the Eat Smart website each week for updated dishes.

How to Order Eat Smart

The Eat Smart menu changes weekly and meals are carefully, hygienically prepared in a commercial kitchen. The order deadline each week is Wednesday at midnight. Dishes are available in Regular, Large and Family sizes. I usually choose a Regular size for one meal for me or a Large if I want to split it into two.

For a fee of $5, Abbie and team delivers to your door on your choice of Sunday or Monday. The Eat Smart crew will leave your order at your door and send you a text or ring your doorbell and step away for a no-contact drop off.

Ready to give it a try? Use code MARCOSTYLE at checkout to receive a 15 percent discount! Shop here. Have you tried Eat Smart? What are your favorite dishes? Share in the comments.


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