Get It While It’s In Season: Hanover Tomato Pie from Libbie Market

Tomato Pie is a Southern Tradition

When you are a Southern transplant, there are certain dishes you just don’t know about. So when a coworker told me I absolutely positively had to try a tomato pie from Libbie Market, I listened and headed into the market, but had no idea what I would be purchasing. Ideas in my head ranged from some sort of sweet dessert containing tomatoes to New Jersey-style tomato pie, which is a form of pizza without cheese. Neither idea was correct.

Libble Market makes Hanover Tomato Pies during tomato season
Southern Tomato Pie contains fresh tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, and spices That’s about it.

Southern style tomato pie is baked in a pie crust, but it is a savory dish. While it may look like a quiche, it is not one. (You will learn this quickly if you try to reheat it in the microwave with the same gusto you would a quiche. I did this originally and ended up with a melty mess.)

Tomato pie is a combination of juicy, ripe, in-season tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, and herbs. The flavorful tomatoes and decadent cheeses are the star of the show, taking on a pizza-topping-like consistency when baked together, with the mayo serving as a binder. Types of cheeses and herbs added can vary and some people throw some onions into the mix.


Libble Market in Richmond, Va., makes it easy to try local tomato pie


Try Hanover Tomato Pie from Libbie Market

Sure, you could whip one of these pies up yourself, but why bother when Libbie Market has done the work for you? Libbie Market’s Hanover Tomato Pie is simple and delicious. Fresh, local Hanover tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and a little oregano come together in a flaky pie crust for your eating pleasure. It kind of reminded me of pizza, but with a lighter flavor and consistency from the lack of sauce or crust.

Buy a full-size pie to feed the family or a single-size pie to feed yourself. You can reheat the whole pie in the oven, or gently reheat it by the slice in the microwave. Try to get it just warm so the ingredients hold together, but you can still enjoy the melty cheese and tomato goodness. Find Libbie Market’s Hanover Tomato Pie in the chilled prepared foods case near the quiches.

Have you tried tomato pie before? What do you think of it? Share in the comments!

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  1. I have had it and loved it! The one I tried had lots of tomato’s best friend – basil. Sooo good!

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