How to Make a Greek Frappe

A few summers ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Greece. As with many European countries, the schedule there is a bit different from ours in the United States. When the heat stretches on in August, families, even with small children, go to dinner late, sleep in, and settle into the day in late morning. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a resort town, you’ll likely start your morning lounging on the beach nibbling a freshly baked pastry and sipping a rich, frothy Greek frappe.

frappe coffee drink in Greece

Frappes are delightfully foamy iced coffee beverages. While I mention sipping them in the morning, Greeks drink them morning, noon, and even at night. I also don’t think decaf is a thing there. If you live in Richmond, Virginia, you can also find frappes at Stella’s and Stella’s Grocery.

Frappe and loukoumades at Stella's in Richmond, VA

What’s in a Frappe?

I sipped a frappe at least once per day in Greece if not several times per day. So naturally, when I got back home, I wanted to learn how to make a perfect frappe. Instead of freshly brewed coffee or espresso, frappes depend on instant coffee, specifically Greek Nescafe. It tastes richer than the American version and can be found on Amazon. Nescafe is lower in caffeine than your regular cup of Joe and also lighter on your stomach if coffee upsets it.

You’ll also need a little hand frother. And hey, these are also available on Amazon. You can make your frappe in a cocktail shaker, but I have found this method to be messier and less satisfying.


Some frappes, including the one at Stella’s, are made with evaporated milk. I generally don’t have this at home, so my version uses regular milk. You can also skip the milk entirely or replace it with almond or soy milk, but I personally like the rich texture classic milk creates when frothed to foamy perfection.

How to Make a Frappe

Greek Frappe Recipe

Greek Frappe Ingredients:

1 Tbsp. Greek Nescafe
1-2 Tbsps. Cold Water
Honey or your sweetener of choice
Milk, to taste

Place Nescafe in a tall glass along with 1 Tbsp. water and honey. Blend with mini frother until all the ingredients are blended and they create a foam. Fill the glass with ice and top with milk or water. Add a straw and enjoy!

What is your favorite coffee indulgence from another country?

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