Mimi’s Crab Dip at The Savory Grain

Crab dip from The Savory Grain in Richmond, VA


Whenever I see crab dip on a menu, I hesitate before ordering. Will I get what I want—a delicious concoction of fresh, flavorful crab with a hint of cream cheese holding it together—or will I end up with a gelatinous blob of cream cheese with a scant bit of crab here and there alongside a side of stale bread? It’s usually the latter and as a result, in fact, I almost never order the dish.

Well, on a recent Sunday half-off wine night at The Savory Grain (yes, you read that right. All bottles are half off on Sunday—I know why haven’t you been going there more often?), I felt like stepping outside my norm and I decided to give the recent Mimi’s Crab Dip menu addition a shot.

What arrived in front of me was an impressive, heaping serving of chilled, seafood goodness. The dip, apparently a recipe from owner Jami Bohdan’s grandmother, contains the perfect ratio of crab to cheese, allowing the dip to be creamy and spreadable, but still focused on the combination of lump and crab claw meat. Old Bay is added in just the right proportion to add a subtext of spice without overpowering the crab flavor, which is really the star of the show.

Let’s not forget the pita chips that accompany the generous serving. Thicker than your average chip, baked perfectly crispy, and dusted with just the right amount of salt, they are absolutely delicious on their own, let alone smothered with some of that creamy crab. I returned recently to try the dish again on a Tuesday—$5 bourbon and burger night—and found myself munching on the oversized portion of chips long after the dip was gone.

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