New Craft Cocktails at Deco

When you think of Deco Ristorante, delicious pasta, some of the freshest seafood around, tiramisu, and even a nice Chianti or Primativo might come to mind. But maybe not craft cocktails. Not until now, that is.


This Fennel +Thyme cocktail is just one of the new selections on Deco's craft cocktail menu
Fennel , orange, lemon, gin, vermouth, garnished with edible flowers


As patio season returned, it was co-owner Janan Scafidi, wife of owner and head chef Giuseppe Scafidi, who decided the cocktail list needed an overhaul. Having run Deco along with her husband worked in numerous other restaurants, Janan decided to take the bull by the horns (the bar by the shaker?) and design the menu herself.


Sparkling Cocktails at Deco

It’s almost like Janan knew I live within walking distance of the restaurant or something—the first part of the new Deco cocktail menu features eight sparkling wine cocktails. Ranging from the classic Italian Aperol Spritz made with citrusy Aperol, prosecco and Cointreau, to more inventive creations like prosecco combined with cucumber, lime, gin, and mint, the menu includes something cold and bubbly for a variety of flavor preferences.


Deco in Richmond, Va., offers a wide selection of sparkling wine cocktails
Deco’s sparkling cocktail menu practically screams Marco Style


Flat Cocktails at Deco

In addition to the sparkling cocktails,  nine flat craft cocktails have broad appeal. On my most recent visit, I started with the Mellow Habanero: a blend of locally made Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine, lemon, basil, rosemary, honey, and simple syrup was bright, herbal and refreshing with just the right hint of sweetness.


The Mellow Habanero is one of the new cocktails at Deco in the Museum District
The Mellow Habanero cocktail at Deco


The Melone, featuring watermelon, coconut water, vodka, Zucca (an Italian aperitif wine), lime, and soda, was refreshing from freshly juiced watermelon and would be all too easy to drink on repeat on a warm patio evening.


The Melone Cocktail at Deco in Richmond, Virginia, is a perfect patio drink
I couldn’t let go of the Melone cocktail long enough to snap a solo photo


The rest of the menu spans options like the Ginger Rabbit, which is almost an Italian take on a Long Island Iced Tea made with black tea, anise, ginger, violette liqueur, bourbon and bitters, to the Whiskey Rose with rye, muddled grapefruit, rosemary honey, and grapefruit soda water. You’ll also find flat Italian classics like the negroni.


Flat cocktails at Deco in Richmond, VA
Flat cocktails at Deco


Other Updates at Deco

Along with the new cocktail menu, the restaurant has implemented a few other changes. Giuseppe is back in the kitchen full-time as head chef. In addition, the company now offers online ordering via the website, making takeout quicker and easier. Also, make sure you like Deco on Facebook to learn about upcoming wine dinners and patio events as summer continues.

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