Octopus at East Coast Provisions

Octopus from East Coast Provisions

Thinly shaved octopus with olive oil, garlic, crushed pepper, maldon salt, lemon and parsley.

Yes, I realize this could almost pass for blown glass art, but in actuality it’s a small plate. One of my favorite dishes on the newly reopened East Coast Provisions menu, this octopus stands out because of its tender texture that nearly melts in your mouth and zippy flavors that don’t overwhelm. I hear achieving the perfect texture—not firm or chewy but the right amount of bite to be served alone—took some trial and error. Now, it’s frozen before slicing to achieve the thin, addicting texture that makes it seem totally plausible to down the entire fairly large small plate portion. It arrives poached and topped with high-quality olive oil, crushed red pepper, Maldon salt, lemon and parsley. The flavors are distinctly Italian and extremely satisfying. Light, salty, a little spicy, acidic and herbal, it’s definitely a new favorite. The garlic is sliced with a truffle slicer to make for paper-thin clove slices that add just the right quantity of garlicky goodness atop the thinly sliced octopus.

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