Our Table Supper Club in Richmond, VA

Last night I went to a new pop-up dinner series called Our Table Supper Club. Since I posted pictures from my meal, everyone has been asking for details about this new pop-up dinner series in Richmond, Va. Here’s what you need to know.

The Story Behind Our Table Supper Club

Chefs David Rosenfeld and Kyle Morse met in New York City while working at Dovetail restaurant. As they worked on the team that earned the restaurant its first Michelin star, they also became friends. Chef Kyle continued his career, working at Telepan when it earned its Michelin star and later as head butcher at The Breslin. Chef David went on to work as sous chef at Blanca when it earned a Michelin star as well as the title of #2 restaurant in America from Bon Appetit magazine. From there he moved to St. Louis to work as an executive chef and partner at acclaimed restaurant Blood & Sand.

Family and career shifts brought both chefs to Richmond a few months ago. As they were deciding their next moves, they had an idea. They could start a supper club together and see where it goes as they get to know their new city.

Chefs Kyle Morse and David Rosenfeld of Our Table Supper Club prep the pasta course.

How Our Table Supper Club Works

To find out about Our Table Supper Club Dinners, follow them on instagram. They probably aren’t hosting any for the rest of December, but are planning to start again in January. For now, the dinners take place at an apartment. You are notified of the location the day of the event. At mine, doors opened at 7:15 and the dinner started at 7:30. Tickets were $57 and included six pairings with drinks. Prices and location could vary as they continue to evolve the concept.

My Our Table Supper Club Experience

The chefs recommended that we Uber or Lyft to the dinner since there would be drink pairings. When I arrived, I found out we were dining chez Chef Kyle with Kyle and Dave’s significant others stepping in as servers.

We were greeted with a glass of Prosecco as we waited for everyone to arrive. This was a group of six diners, but they can accommodate more based on the location. Once we were situated, Chefs Kyle and David introduced themselves and gave us some homemade sourdough bread and butter to enjoy while they finished official course one.

The Meal at Our Table Supper Club


The meal officially started with house-cured Arctic char, house-made yogurt, shallots, pumpernickel crumbles, and dill. I was quite impressed with this dish. House-cured fish with pumpernickel could be an expected combination, but the delicate texture and flavor of the cured Arctic char blew me away. The fish almost melted in my mouth and the subtle accompaniments enhanced the taste without overpowering it.

House-cured Arctic char at Our Table Supper Club in Richmond, VA


A refreshing gin punch accompanied this dish and the next one. The punch combined bright gin and grapefruit flavors and was served over a grapefruit-Campari ice cube that subtly richened the flavor of the libation as it melted.

Parsnip Soup before. Grapefruit marshmallows, almonds, cilantro, salmon roe
The base of the parsnip soup.


Up next, we were presented with a plate of grapefruit marshmallows, almonds, cilantro, and salmon roe. Then Chef Kyle topped each plate with a rich Parsnip bisque. The chefs said marshmallows in soup was one of their signature moves and that we were to stir the marshmallows into the soup prior to enjoying. I wondered how the sweet and savory would play, but it turned out wonderful. Each bite of the soup was a bit different based on if you scooped up a bite of almond, roe, or more marshmallow. It was like nothing I’ve tasted before.

Parsnip soup finished from Our Table Supper Club in Richmond, Virginia
Parsnip soup as the bisque flows over the base ingredients.


Pasta Course

For the third course, we enjoyed sweet potato agnolotti topped with roasted Brussels sprouts, ricotta salt, charred onions, and winter herb broth. The interplay of the crunchy vegetables with the soft pasta is what struck me here. I also had to use some extra bread to sop up every last bit of the rich broth. A clean, white French blend cleansed the palate alongside it.

Homemade sweet potato agnolotti from Our Table Supper Club, RVADine.


The Main Event

Our main course consisted of perfectly roasted local pork loin from Pig Crafters combined with grits and vegetables from Tomten Farm. Several guests around our table commented on the rich, flavorful roasted turnips putting their family members’ renditions to shame. A flavorful Walla Walla red complemented the meat nicely.

Locally grown Pork Loin from Pig Crafters paired with Tomten farms vegetables and corn grits by Our Table Supper Club, Richmond, va


Cheese Course

The chefs next presented us with their take on a cheese course. Local goat cheese was paired with beets, beet leather, pistachio brittle, and bourbon-barrel-aged honey from The Veil. This was refreshing and distinctive. Plus the nut brittle was flat out delicious.


Beet leather, local goat cheese, beets, pistachio brittle, bourbon-barrel-aged honey from The Veil



For dessert, we enjoyed citrus semifreddo topped with dark chocolate, sprinkled with gingerbread and paired with an Amaro whipped cream. Did I mention Chef David’s girlfriend works at Whisk? She was the brains behind this dish. It was paired with a rich coffee cocktail.


Citrus semifreddo with dark chocolate, gingerbread, and Amaro whipped cream by Our Table Supper Club in Richmond, Virginia


The dishes arrived at a perfect pace. We easily enjoyed six courses without feeling rushed and finished within two hours. My friend and I had time to grab a nightcap and dish about the meal!

The Our Table Supper club chefs finish dessert in Richmond, VA

Our Table Supper Club Bottom Line

I would suggest you follow now and check out one of these dinners while you can. I have a feeling reservations will become difficult as these RVA newbies get to know our town.


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