Preview: Strada Pop-Up at Deco March 21-25

Stop by Deco Ristorante this week for a special collaboration menu featuring Deco executive chef Daniel Nutty and Early Bird Biscuit Company owner Tim Laxton’s take on “South meets South.” Southern Italy meets the Southern United States, that is. The collaboration is called Strada @ Deco. “Strada” means “street” in Italian and is a nod to the street-food-inspired dishes you’ll see throughout the menu.

Strada at Deco special collaboration menu

In order to make some special items for the menu, the crew at Deco broke down a whole pig from Autumn Olive Farms. You can taste the pork-tastic flavor in mouthwatering menu options such as a smoked pork chop with bean ragout, orzo, lemon, saffron and gremolata and “pork pot pie” featuring pork ragout, a special Early Bird sweet potato biscuit and seasonal vegetables.


This marinating porchetta will be cooked and served with creamy polenta, cognac apples, and Calabrian-braised collards or on a biscuit with gremolata aioli and agrodolce shallots.                                        

Other enticing dishes include a coppa corn dog, clams Oreganata with Gorgonzola and celery, and Virginia rockfish with fried polenta, collard greens and arrabbiata sauce.

For dessert you’ll find Gelati Celesti ice cream and even a special ice cream sandwich featuring Early Bird brioche.

Want to try the whole kit and caboodle? Two different tasting combinations are available for $55 and $45 with optional upgrades.

Chefs pairings at Deco, Strada at Deco, Richmond, VA

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