Put It on Everything: Village Garden Piquant Spice Grinder


I’m not kidding. If you come to my kitchen, along with a few dirty dishes you’re welcome to wash, you will see an entire shelf filled with spices, most of which are rarely completely emptied. Yet I go through this stuff even quicker than regular salt and pepper. Why? The spicy, salty, slightly citrusy, slightly savory blend seems to pep up just about every dish.

A combination of mixed peppercorns, Himalayan and sea salt, lemongrass, chives, Thai basil, and some other goodies are blended together in a handy grinder so you can add myriad flavors with one container—plus grinding the spices fresh makes for stronger, more concentrated flavors in every sprinkle.

Want to make your morning egg whites less bland? Add a grind. Need a bread dipping sauce for impromptu guests? Grind a larger amount into some extra virgin olive oil. I even throw it into soups, stir-frys and salads when I notice there’s just a little something missing.

Village Garden also sells a Garden Herb n ‘Salt Grinder that I use in place of Herbs de Provence and a Spotted Dawg Grinder filled with a blend of chile peppers and pink Himalayan sea salt that’s my go-to for spicing up pizza and other Italian food. Honestly, I’d recommend grabbing all three, but it’s the Piquant Spice Grinder that holds a special place in my heart.

Buy them at the South of the James Farmers’ Market and the Carytown Farmers’ Market or online (woot!). The online ordering means I’ll no longer have to stock up for the winter!

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