Richmond Restaurants Offering Their Own Delivery Service

As Fall turns into Winter and COVID-19 remains a thing, you might be looking to support local Richmond restaurants while staying in. Sure, you can get takeout. But that requires leaving your house. Sometimes, you just want the food brought to you. But, you also may have seen the exorbitant fees that some nationally owned Richmond restaurant delivery services charge. If I get delivery, I’ve been TRYING to hit Richmond spots that offer their own delivery. Here’s the list of RVA restaurants with their own delivery service that I’ve gathered so far. Am I missing any?

Richmond Restaurant Delivery

Arianna’s Museum District and North Side

Method: Call or Order Online
What to Order: Eggplant Parmesan pizza, Spinach Roll, Side of Mini Meatballs
Pro Tip: If you have an anchovy lover in your group and call, the Arianna’s crew will give you some on the side.

Beauvine Burger

Method: Call or Order Online
What to Order: Any burger, duck fat fries, milkshakes (the gingerbread around Christmas is a favorite). Also odd, but I also almost always add an order of seasonal pickled vegetables to have as a snack later.
Pro Tip: Reheat the fries in a cast-iron skillet (or air fryer if you have one) to bring back the crunch factor.

Belmont Pizza

Method: Call
What to Order: Any pizza. My favorites are the Spinach (up to you if you add prosciutto), classic with mushroom and pepperoni, and the buffalo chicken.
Pro Tip: A slice of pizza is almost a full quarter of a pizza, so order accordingly.

Cobra Cabana

Method: Call or Order Online
What to Order: Nashville Hot Hen Shot First buttermilk-fried chicken sandwich (there’s also a vegan version), Cluck Norris chicken wings, speciality cocktails
Pro Tip: Check the restaurant’s Facebook page for food and drink specials. Read the caption: specials aren’t always available for delivery.

En Su Boca

Method: Call
What to Order: Chips and salsa, tacos, homemade margarita mix with or without tequila.
Pro Tip: This place gets BUSY. Your best bet for quick delivery is to call at an off hour.

Hot for Pizza

Method: Order Online
What to Order: PIZZA
Pro Tip: Feeding a crowd? Check out the EVERYBODY WANTS SOME! combo with regular and vegan options.

McCormack’s Big Whisky Grill

Method: Call
What to Order: House-smoked pork, duck breast, tofu, wings, ribs and more. Keto pizzas on cauliflower crust.
Pro Tip: Along with hot-to-order meals, the restaurant offers a selection of starts, meats and sides that come cold to be heated later at home.

Mi Jaliso, Northside, Ashland, Oilville

Method: Call or Order Online
What to Order: Anything with carnitas, the Fresh Margarita
Pro Tip: Chips and salsa come with your meal order. It’s up to you if you spring for the queso.

Tazza Kitchen Scott’s Addition

Method: Order Online
What to Order: Batched cocktails, meatballs, brick oven Brussels sprouts, kale & chilies salad, wood fired pizza
Pro Tip: Along with freshly prepared food, you can order frozen pizzas and burritos from Tazza. The varied nature of the menu means sometimes I place a big order with meals to eat all week.

The Broken Tulip

Method: Order Online by 5 p.m. each day for delivery Tuesday through Saturday from 3-7 p.m. Daily menus are launched at 12 p.m.
What to Order: House-made sauces, salads, entrees, desserts and cocktails, alongside local veggies, artisan pantry staples and distinctive wines. House-made Luxardo cherries anyone?
Pro Tip: The Broken Tulip offers a weekly Wine Wednesday 3-pack that is a fantastic deal on interesting wines the owners want to you try. Order yours then join on instagram for a live tasting.

The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer

Method: Call or Order Online
What to Order: The Golden Girl grandma-style pie, #1 Stunna Sicilian Bake or the Pickle Back hand-tossed to mix it up. The calzones are also huge.
Pro Tip: My favorite bet is the Monday dinner deal: one appetizer, one large pizza with two toppings and a homemade Whisk cookie for $20.

Toast Both Locations

Method: Order Online
What to Order: Pimento cheese wontons, Thai salad, meatloaf, ANY house-made dessert
Pro Tip: Make sure to check out the “bar” and “general store” sections of the online menu for bottles of wine, coffee, house-made sauces and even art. You’ll also find Nightingale Ice Cream sandwiches in the dessert section.


Locally Owned Richmond Restaurant Delivery Services

If you are going to choose a service, go for a local one. There are two:

Chop Chop RVA

Chop Chop is similar to an Uber Eats or GrubHub, but it’s a local service.

Quickness RVA

The Quickness is a bicycle meal delivery service, making it local and a more environmentally friendly option!



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