Savannah Bee Company: A Must-See in Savannah

The mead tasting bar is one of several highlights at Savannah Bee Company's flagship store in Savannah, Georgia.


If you’ve wandered through just about any gourmet grocery store or even high-end gift shop, you’ve probably perused Savannah Bee Company products. With more than 35 years in the business, this company sells hand creams and honeys all over the country. In fact, I’ve seen the products so often, I wasn’t sure if I should spend time going straight to the source while in Savannah, but I’m glad I did and would highly suggest a visit for any foodie or beauty product junkie who happens to be in town.

Savannah Bee Company operates three retail stores in Savannah and I stopped by the Downtown Savannah flagship location. To be completely honest, I hated honey as a child, but as I’ve grown older and started tasting the varieties that don’t come from the grocery store shelf in the shape of a bear, I’ve come to enjoy artisan varieties with more floral notes.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? This is the place to find out.




A stroll through the tasting bar will let you sample at least fifteen different types of honey—artisanal, every day, infused, creamed, and even straight from the honeycomb, along with pairings with cheeses, fruits, and other goodies.




I was a fan of the Wildflower Artisan Honey, which is collected from various Georgia wildflowers for a pure, floral flavor. I also enjoyed the Whipped Honey with Lemon—the combination of sweet and tart seems like it would be fun to experiment with on pastries or in drinks.




As if that’s not enough good stuff, keep walking toward the back of the store and you’ll find a mead tasting bar. Mead is wine made from honey and is believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man—I enjoy thinking of it as Viking wine. Five dollars gets you samples of five meads from around the country with varying levels of sweetness and flavors. Mead is generally more appealing to fans of sweeter drinks, a.k.a. not me, but I did enjoy trying the different varieties. I ended up enjoying Monk’s Mead from Atlanta, which was drier and slightly carbonated for a crisp effervescence. I also enjoyed Oregon-based Nectar Creek’s Ginger Session Mead with its spicy bite from the addition of fresh ginger.

The store also includes a host of honey-related beauty and gift items—I loved the rich, moisturizing nature of the Beeswax Hand Cream and the Natural Beeswax Lip Tints that give a nice splash of color alongside beeswax, pecan oil and propolis to nourish and moisturize lips. There are also the honey sticks I used to buy on vacation as a child and even Adam Turoni chocolates made with Savannah Bee Company honey.

If you just happen to get hooked on a favorite product, don’t fret. Savannah Bee Company’s online store makes most of the products and some intriguing gift sets available at the click of a mouse as well.

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