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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to an influencer event at Virago Spirits  hosted by ShopKamili. I had been coveting some ShopKamili iconic bracelets for a while. At the event, I learned more about the brand’s story.


ShopKamili bracelets are made by refugees who live in Richmond, Virginia and come in many colors


Kamili means “full” in Swahili. And Kamili exists to help refugees become full of hope and purpose. Refugees who have resettled in Richmond, Virginia, handmake Kamili jewelry.

Britta Kelley had a retail background and was volunteering with a community of refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She learned that while these people are now safe from harm, their struggles are far from over. There are language, education and transportation barriers that prevent them from finding employment. While making Valentine’s Day cards with her refugee friends, it occurred to Kelley that jobs crafting at home would enable them to earn money while gaining a sense of pride and contributing financially to their family. When refugees work for ShopKamili, they earn above living wages and share all the profits.




As of now, the line consists of colorful bracelets made from African heishi beads and 24-karat-gold-dipped discs. I think they look best stacked. There are shades from simple black-and-white to bright pinks and blues to choose from. I also got a little preview of some collection expansions at the influencer event. I think you’ll love the next round of products.


ShopKamili bracelets handmade in Richmond, Virginia, look lovely stacked


Do you want to try these lovely bracelets while helping refugees on their journeys to rebuilding their lives? Shop here and use code 15meganmarcostyle for an exclusive 15% discount!


ShopKamili bracelets are made by refugees in Richmond, Virginia. Get an exclusive discount at


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