Shopping Spotlight: Jack and Jewels/The Natty Beau in Richmond, VA

When the five Pink Palm stores in Virginia and Maryland were sold to Lilly Pulitzer in April of 2017, there was a cry heard round the region. Not only was the Pink Palm a favorite place to procure Lilly Pulitzer apparel, but it was also known around Richmond for the fabulous selection of Non-Lilly accessories. I actually wasn’t aware of this, but in addition to her five Pink Palm stores, owner Lizanne Jeveret also owned and operated the several Natty Beau men’s boutiques. While the River Road Pink Palm transitioned into a regular Lilly Pulitzer store, Jeveret continued operating the Natty Beau boutique across the way in the strip mall with Mosaic.

Since April she’s made a few tweaks in that boutique and I happened to pop in last weekend. For now at least, the store is operating under two names, it still carries the Natty Beau merchandise that has been known and loved in Richmond for preppy men’s wear, but Jeveret is also filling the shop with gifts and accessories under the name Jack and Jewels.



The selection ranges from fun tassel earrings in every color under the sun for $15 to a wide selection of Kendra Scott jewelry and other hand-stamped high end costume pieces that Jeveret has hand selected. As of now, because Jeveret is consolidating Kendra Scott from five stores under one roof, there is a huge sale going on with all pieces at least 30 percent off!


Shop Jack and Jewels in Richmond, Va., for cute affordable costume jewelry


Other items to browse include Jack Rogers sandals, sunglasses trays, candles, reading glasses, wine glasses, and a range of accessories and gifts. I loved that you can find a gift in just about any price range, from under $20 to options for more extravagant occasions. “When I go to market, I really try to step back and think about if I’d buy the items I look at if I was out in a shop,” Jeveret told me.


Jack and Jewels in Richmond, Virginia, carries adorable gifts at all price ranges
The little sunglasses dish in the upper right corner is only $15. So cute!

On my visit I picked up a few Kendra Scott pieces—I mean when do you ever see them on sale—as well as a few additional items for my mom’s upcoming birthday. I can’t show you pictures because she’s a regular reader, the items also came with adorable complimentary gift wrapping.

Most exciting, I happened to mention a necklace I had purchased over a year ago at The Pink Palm that had recently broken. It was one of my favorite pieces and I was heartbroken. I managed to find a picture of the necklace and Jeveret went into her catalogue and found the same one to order for me again. My favorite piece is back in action!


This necklace is one of my favorite pieces. Find it at Jack and Jewels in Richmond, VA


For now at least she’s keeping the two names, both Jack and Jewels and Natty Beau, along with the merchandise for men and for women. I have a feeling this will become a regular part of my rotation, whether I’m looking for a last-minute gift or the perfect accessory to spruce up an outfit.

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