Smoked Salmon Small Plate at East Coast Provisions

Smoked salmon small plate at East Coast Provisions in Carytown.
Smoked salmon, deep fried 5-minute egg, creme fraiche, trout caviar, red onion, dill and crostini at East Coast Provisions.

When chefs Michelle Williams, Mike Ledesma and Trevor Knotts were initially finalizing the menu for East Coast Provisions, this dish wasn’t on it. As they were rounding things out, they realized the menu needed a few more flavors, and this dish was born. Flavorful smoked salmon is served with a halved fried egg that’s firm on the outside and runny in the center, creme fraiche, trout caviar, red onion, dill and crostini. When you eat it, get a little bit of each ingredient on your crostini and then marvel at the creamy, crunchy, smokey, salty flavors and textures. If you’re looking for a wine pairing, go for the Patient Cottat Le Grande Cailliou Chenin Blanc–the crisp, mineral-driven flavors with a hint of citrus pair perfectly with the smoke, salt and seafood flavors.

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