Virginia Dip and Cracklin’s at Lunch and Supper

The Virginia Dip and Cracklin's from Supper in Richmond, VA is a must-try dish

Pop, snap, crackle. Any time pork rinds arrive at my table still audibly crackling I’m sold. Whoever named the Virginia Dip and Cracklin’s ($8) at Supper was not kidding with the name because every time I have ordered this dish, the cracklins were, in fact, cracklin’ when they were placed in front of me.

The centerpiece of the dish is sharp and flavorful house-made pimento cheese upped with local pickles and Edwards Country Ham. Then, step aside crackers, because there’s a giant platter of pork cracklin’s you can smother your cheese on. If you haven’t tried pork rinds/cracklins/cracklings before, this is the place, because they are light, crispy, and clearly fresh. Try this dish ASAP.

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