Vote for Richmond Product Dip-a-di-do-dah in HSN and Good Housekeeping’s American Dreams Competition

Myrf Bowery wasn’t sure exactly what would happen when she brought the tiny blurb she’d seen in Good Housekeeping magazine advertising a contest for inventors to her business partner Leah Dodge, but it sounded intriguing. Dip-a-di-do-da, their invention that covers a store-bought dip in its original container, making it look elegant without creating a dirty bowl to clean, seemed like a natural fit for Good Housekeeping and HSN, the sponsors of the contest. They filled out the application and set it aside. About six weeks later, Bowery picked it up again, realized it was in due four days, and sent it off.

Bring one of these cute little Richmond-designed dip holders along with your favorite spread and you’ve combined an appetizer with a gift your host will use for years after ($14.25 each, buy here).

The American Dreams Contest Process

They didn’t think about the application until they received a call this summer asking them to come to the studio and do a live pitch in about a week. With no experiencing pitching their product, they called their marketing consultant Sarah Choi, who helped them practice. Then they hopped on a plane to Florida and told their story alongside around 30 other inventors in front of a live panel from Good Houskeeping and HSN. Then they went back home and went on with their lives.

Again, it was crickets until August when they learned they had made it to the next round and needed to provide a four-minute pitch video within a week. The video you can watch here was filmed in Bowery’s kitchen: “We pretty much told the same story we told in person,” she says.

Myrf Bowery and Leah Dodge started Dip-a-di-do-da to make entertaining easy
Leah Dodge (left) and Myrf Bowery (right) are the Richmond residents who designed Dip-a-di-do-da


Then, there was another period of waiting. At last, they heard they were finalists. And again, there was a fast request for head shots, B-roll and a one-minute intro video that could be shown on TV. Bowery and Dodge also own an interior design firm and were planning to head to a furniture market. By some miracle the photographer they had used had a day of availability, so they cut their buying trip short to get everything done.

“It has been a lot of work and a lot of stress, but it seems like everything has lined up and happened for a reason,” Bowery says. “It seems like the universe is helping us.”

Help Dip-a-di-do-da win the HSN Award

There will be two contest winners: one will receive the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and one will receive the HSN Customer Choice Award. The Customer Choice Award is given to the top vote winner from the HSN website. You can help our local ladies win by voting for them once per day here through December 31.

You can also watch them talk about their product and compete for the Good Housekeeping Seal live on HSN on December 4 between 6 and 7 p.m. when all five finalists will be featured. There’s also a viewing party here in Richmond, Virginia.

About Dip-a-di-do-da

So, what got Dip-a-di-do-da through to the finals from entries across the nation? “It’s the only thing like it out there,” Bowery says. “It’s easy and it appeals to a wide range of people—everyone eats hummus. Life is so busy now, you might want to entertain but you don’t have time to make stuff and you still want it to look cute.” Dodge adds, “It’s also a good gift item. It’s affordable, you don’t have to worry about sizes, and it comes in so many colors.”

Shop Now for Christmas

Dip-a-di-do-da comes in so many colors and prints
So many colors and prints to choose from!

Speaking of gifts, don’t forget Dip-a-di-do-das while you are checking off your holiday gift list. The contest excitement has them selling fast. In fact, I hear some styles and colors are already sold out for the holidays. See all your options here. I also hear there will be a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, so make sure to check the site then, too! And follow along on Facebook for contest updates.

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